Administrative Procedures

The Board of Education of the Regina School Division No. 4 of Saskatchewan, through a policy review, changed the policy structure governing Regina Public Schools. The revised policies, known as Administrative Procedures were released on June 19, 2007.


Administrative Procedures - Table of Contents

100 – General Administration

School Administration
School Operations

200 – Instructional Programs and Materials

Programs and Materials

300 – Students

School Operations

400 – Human Resources and Employee Relations


500 – Business Affairs


600 – Facilities


Web Forms


100 – General Administration


AP 101     Administrative Organization Plan   UPDATED JUN/18

AP 102     Strategic Planning

AP 103     Annual Report

AP 108     Unethical/Fraudulent Behaviour

AP 109     Accommodation of Students and Staff   NEW APR/18

AP 110     Human Rights Equity

AP 111     No Smoking

AP 112     Health and Safety   UPDATED SEP/18

AP 113     Scent-Free Facilities   UPDATED SEP/18

AP 115     Computer Network and Internet

AP 116     Use of Board-Owned Technology

AP 117     Password Construction and Protection

AP 118     Online Communication and Interaction/Social Media

AP 120     Information Security  

AP 125     Communications   UPDATED AUG/18

AP 126     Parent and Public Inquiries

AP 127     Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy   UPDATED SEP/18

AP 130     Advertising and Promotions

AP 133     Recognition Programs   NEW AUG/18

AP 135     Community Resource Persons Addressing Students

AP 136     Event Protocol

AP 137     Visit Protocol

AP 138     Display of Flags   UPDATED AUG/18

AP 139     Smudging   NEW APR/18


School Administration

AP 150     School Planning and Reporting

AP 151     Organization for Instruction

AP 152     Administrative and Supervisory Time in Schools

AP 153     Allocation of Teaching Staff

AP 160     Guidelines Regarding In-School Procedures

AP 161     Guidelines for Automated Communications   UPDATED AUG/18

AP 165     School Year Calendar

AP 166     School Hours

AP 167     School Activities: Overnight or Out-of-City

AP 168     School Anniversary Celebrations

AP 169     High School Graduation Ceremonies


School Operations

AP 170     Emergency Preparedness/Critical Incident Response

AP 171     Evacuation

AP 172     Securing the Facility   UPDATED APR/18

AP 173     Fire Safety - Fire Incidents

AP 174     Tragic Events

AP 180     Occupational Health and Safety Committee   UPDATED SEP/18

AP 181     Employee Injuries (Prevention and Reporting)   UPDATED SEP/18

AP 182     Infections and Communicable Diseases   UPDATED SEP/18

AP 183     Chemicals and other Hazardous Materials   UPDATED SEP/18

AP 193     Physical Education Safety   UPDATED MAY/18

AP 194     Reporting of Suspicious Situations: Individuals, Behaviours, Vehicles or Incidents   UPDATED AUG/18

AP 195     Traffic Safety

AP 198     In the Event of Withdrawal of Teacher Services

AP 199     In the Event of Withdrawal of Support Services


200 – Instructional Programs and Materials


AP 206     Controversial Issues

AP 210     Program Evaluation

AP 220     Learning Resource Materials Selection

AP 221     Student Access to Textbooks

AP 222     Working Relationships with Representatives

AP 223     School Handbooks/Agendas

AP 225     Use of Student-Owned Technology Devices

AP 235     Partnerships in Education

AP 236     Fund-Raising on behalf of Schools  

AP 240     Research Projects

AP 241     Copyright


Programs and Materials

AP 250     Accommodation of Students with Disabilities

AP 251     English as a Second Language

AP 252     French Immersion   UPDATED OCT/17

AP 253     Work-Based Learning Programs

AP 254     Indigenous Education

AP 260     Special Project Credits   NEW SEP/18

AP 261     Private Lessons During the School Day

AP 262     Course Challenges

AP 263     Apprenticeship Credits   NEW SEP/18

AP 270     Advanced Learner Education

AP 275     Other Educational Programs

AP 280     Home-Based Education

AP 290     Driver Education

AP 295     Program and Material Fees


300 – Students


AP 301     Entrance Age

AP 302     Admission of Resident Students

AP 304     Admission of Non-Resident Students

AP 305     Admission of International Students   UNDER CONSTRUCTION

AP 310     School Attendance Areas

AP 315     Tuition Fees

AP 316     Student Evaluation and Placement

AP 317     Student Appeals

AP 320     Management of Funds in Schools

AP 321     Fund-Raising by Students

AP 325     Food and Beverages in Schools

AP 331     School Photography


School Operations

AP 350     Shared Expectations

AP 351     Attendance of Students

AP 352     Notification of Parent or Guardian When Student is Absent

AP 355     Noon Supervision

AP 356     Accommodation of Students During Cold or Inclement Weather

AP 360     Medical Emergencies and Illness   UPDATED SEP/18

AP 361     Students with Intensive Health and Safety Needs

AP 362     Medical Certificates for Students

AP 363     Service Dogs in Schools

AP 364     Life Threatening Allergies (Anaphylaxis)

AP 365     Student Records

AP 367     Child Protection

AP 368     Police Interviews

AP 375     Discipline

AP 376     Detentions

AP 377     Suspensions and Expulsions

AP 378     Exclusion of Students for Safety or Medical Reasons

AP 380     Threats/Violent Behavior – Students   UPDATED AUG/17

AP 381     Bullying Behavior – Student to Student

AP 382     Drug/Alcohol/Substance Use Prevention   UPDATED JUN/18


400 – Human Resources and Employee Relations


AP 401     Employment Equity

AP 402     Police Information Check   UPDATED JUN/18

AP 403     Reporting Criminal Charges

AP 404     Conflict of Interest

AP 405     Confidentiality   UPDATED SEP/18

AP 406     Employee Harassment   UPDATED OCT/18

AP 407     Sexual Harassment   UPDATED OCT/18

AP 408     Violent Incidents Directed Towards Employees

AP 416     Employee Access to Personnel Files

AP 420     Preparation and Processing of Role Descriptions

AP 421     Vacation Leave

AP 422     Application for Leaves of Absence

AP 423     Compassionate Leave with Pay

AP 424     Jury Duty or Court Witness Leave With Pay

AP 425     Leave Without Pay

AP 426     Conferences and Visits

AP 427     Acceptance of Awards

AP 428     Long Service Recognition   SEE AP 133

AP 430     Retirement Notification

AP 431     Retirement Gratuity

AP 432     Processing of Resignations

AP 435     Reclassification of Staff Positions

AP 436     Employee Use of Drugs and Alcohol   NEW MAY/18



AP 440     Staffing Procedure

AP 442     School Volunteers

AP 443     Instructional Assistants

AP 444     Employment of Superannuated Teachers

AP 446     Placement and Transfer of Teachers

AP 447     Teacher Job Sharing

AP 448     Substitute Teachers   UPDATED MAY/18

AP 450     Appointments and Placements of Principals and Vice-Principals   UNDER CONSTRUCTION

AP 451     Temporary Acting Appointments

AP 455     Learning and Core Leaders in High Schools

AP 457     Program Coordinators/Consultants



AP 460     Performance Evaluation of Support Staff

AP 461     Performance Evaluation of Deputy Directors, Superintendents and Out-of-Scope Employees

AP 462     Performance Evaluation of Teaching Staff

AP 463     Performance Evaluation of Principals and Vice-Principals

AP 465     Recognition for Achievement   SEE AP 133



AP 480     Professional Growth and Development for Teachers

AP 481     Teacher In-Service

AP 485     Deferred Salary Leave Plan

AP 491     Teacher Exchange Programs

AP 495     Teacher Redundancy


500 – Business Affairs


AP 505     Preparation of the Agenda for Board Meetings

AP 510     Preparation and Processing of Policy and Administrative Procedures

AP 515     Review of Administrative Procedures   UPDATED SEP/18

AP 520     Development of Annual Budget

AP 521     RPS Fee Schedule   UPDATED SEP/18

AP 525     Financial Accounting and Auditing

AP 526     Financial Information Reports

AP 527     Travel Expenses

AP 528     Purchasing (Commercial Credit) Cards   NEW AUG/17

AP 535     Investments

AP 536     Gifts and Bequests

AP 537     Financial Support of Community Organizations

AP 540     Purchasing of Goods and Services   UPDATED SEP/18

AP 541     Provision of Printing Services

AP 542     Contracting for Services

AP 545     Disposition of Surplus Real Property

AP 546     Disposal of Surplus Equipment

AP 550     Retention and Disposal of Records

AP 555     Insurance

AP 560     Education/Business Continuity



AP 570     Transportation of Students

AP 575     Contracting for Transportation Services

AP 580     Conveyance of Students   UPDATED SEP/18


600 – Facilities


AP 605     School Sites

AP 607     Civic Planning and Development Applications

AP 610     Naming of Educational Facilities   UPDATED AUG/18

AP 615     Provision of Facilities/Equipment   UPDATED SEP/18

AP 616     Maintenance/Repair of Facilities   UPDATED SEP/18

AP 620     Community Use of School Facilities   UPDATED SEP/18

AP 625     Break-Ins, Vandalism, and Major Property Loss

AP 626     Issuing of Keys and Access Devices

AP 640     Energy Conservation

AP 641     Car Pooling 

AP 650     Use of Facilities, Equipment and Supplies