School Division

School Division

  Regina   School Division No. 4 of Saskatchewan (Regina Public Schools) is one of the largest school divisions in the province, serving the educational needs of more than 24,000 students in 44 public elementary schools; eight public high schools; three faith-based, associate schools; as well as at Campus Regina Public and the Allan Blakeney Adult Campus.

Regina Public Schools is directed by a Strategic Plan intended to convey the Division's goals, intentions and aspirations for all students, regardless of their ethnicity, ability, aspirations, or life circumstances. This includes students who need intensive supports and those whose first language is not English. It includes First Nations, Métis and Inuit learners, as well as those who attend the three associate, faith-based schools.

The strategic plan is guided by the School Division’s Mission Statement: To instil the value of knowledge, the dignity of effort and the worth of the individual.

And by the Shared Values: I belong; I am responsible; I respect and I want to know. Read more here:

The Strategic Plan is intended to provide clear direction for all activities in the school division, as well as to align those activities with goals of the provincial Education Sector Strategic Plan. It's six core priority strategies are: 

  • Development of a First Nations, Métis and Inuit Achievement Initiative
  • Implementation of a comprehensive program to improve Reading Performance at all Grade Levels
  • Increasing the number of Kindergarten students who enter Grade One ready to learn
  • Increasing the number of students who achieve Grade level performance in literacy and numeracy
  • Improving student attendance and credit attainment as a means of increasing graduation rates
  • Ensuring all current and future program and service expenditures contribute positively to student success

The Strategic Plan is regularly reviewed and is available for the public to read. Find out more about the Regina Public Schools Strategic Plan here.

Read more about Reg  ina Public Schools in this website and have a look at our brochure.

Follow this link for a pdf of the school phone list.